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Proxi-Mate Wireless Unit

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The Proxi-Mate System consists of two core components – the Proxi-Mate Control Unit (including Pager)
and the Proxi-Mate Sensor.  There are two types of Control Unit. The Proxi-Mate Wireless Unit, which communicates directly with a supplied standard ‘pager’ or a wall-mounted enunciator, and the Proxi-Mate Nurse Call Unit, which is designed to be connected to an installed Nurse Call System.

Proxi-Mate Wireless Unit

  • Up to 8 memory slots – can ‘talk’ to 8 different pagers.

  • Programmable Message – up to 16 characters.

  • Fully configurable from the front panel (password protected).

  • Very simple 4-button interface - 1 button operation in normal use.

  • Allows staff complete freedom of movement within the pager's range.

  • 24 hr, ‘on-board’ backup battery, fully automatic charging.

  • 3000 ‘event log’ records - date, time and nature of each event (access to last 100 events on front screen – remainder requires adaptor – available end 2012).

  • Audible Alarm – can be silenced.

  • Can communicate with large wall- mounted enunciator.

  • Robust diecast aluminium enclosure.


Liftcare High-Low Bed


Patient Lifters,Slings, Patient Scales,Hygiene Products


Features of the Proxi-Mate System:

  • The Proxi-Mate system is a simple, easy to use method of monitoring individuals at risk of falls or wandering, while at the same time allowing staff the freedom to attend to other duties.

  • The system is designed to give staff the earliest possible warning of an attempt to mobilise unsupervised, move into a prohibited area or other unmonitored activity.

  • Proxi-Mate was designed and is manufactured in Australia and is fully compliant with all necessary standards.


Sensor Equipment:

Proxi-Mate Sensors are the component that actually monitors the person of concern.
Both the chair and the bed sensors use ‘state of the art’ non-contact electronic proximity sensing.


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